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Advanced Packaging & Testing
ESWIN provides semiconductor customers with total solutions comprising rear-end packaging and materials & finished products testing, which can perform the packaging and testing for ICs and system IC sets. Manufacturing bases are located in Suzhou, Hefei and Chengdu.
  • IC Packaging & Testing

    IC packaging & testing business provides customers with integrated DDIC packaging and testing services, including wafer gold bump processing, wafer testing, grinding, cutting, packaging and final testing. In addition, ESWIN provides development of non-display driver IC related processes, such as Power IC, RF IC, etc. According to different product categories and packaging methods, ESWIN provides Thick CU. + RDL, Cu Pillar + RDL, WLCSP and other full-process package solutions. 

  • COF Tape

    COF (Chip On Film) tape is a film substrate used for COF packaging. It is a flexible circuit board that connects the display panel with driver ICs. ESWIN owns a COF tape production base for semiconductor display IC package in Hefei province, with a monthly capacity of 70 million pieces. Adopting tape-to-tape automatic production during the entire process, ESWIN provides customers with high-quality COF tape and related products through photo-resist coating, exposure, developing, etching, testing and other processes. Products are widely used in display devices, artificial intelligence, internet of vehicles, wearable devices and other fields.

  • Panel-Level Packaging & Testing

    FOPLP (Fan Out Panel-Level Packaging) business provides customers with cost-effective system integration packaging and testing services. ESWIN integrates mature semiconductor packaging and high-precision large-panel technologies, characterized by Fan Out, high density & high bandwidth SiP (System in Package) and panel-level technology platform, thus improving the integration of semiconductor devices and shrinking the product size and improving performance. The FOPLP platform is applicable to a variety of products, including single chip package, multi-chip package, heterogeneous chip integration and SiP. It is widely used in mobile devices, 5G, IoT, AI, high-speed computing, auto field etc.

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