Beijing ESWIN Technology Group incorporated to dive into semiconductor industry

On February 28, 2020, Beijing ESWIN Technology Group Co., Ltd. was founded in Beijing. The inaugural board of directors was also established, and Mr. Wang Dongsheng was elected chairman.

ESWIN Group focuses on three core businesses in the semiconductor industry, i.e. IC and Solutions, Silicon Materials, and Advanced Packaging & Testing. Specifically, IC and Solutions provides display and video, smart connectivity, AIoT, and smart processing acceleration solutions to meet the needs of various application scenarios such as mobile devices, smart homes, smart transportation, and industrial IoT. Silicon Materials specializes in the production of 12-inch monocrystalline silicon polished wafers and epitaxial wafers. Advanced Packaging & Testing mainly involves rear-end packaging and testing for IC, COF tapes, and panel-level integrated packaging and testing.

At the incorporation ceremony, Chairman Wang Dongsheng said, “In June last year, I stepped down as BOE Chairman, handing it over to the younger generation. Then I joined ESWIN. I am truly delighted to pursue a new career with all of you, who are idealistic, passionate, and highly experienced. ‘ESWIN’ means ‘E-solution to win’. We will leverage our well-defined strategy, strong executive capability, and high-caliber teams to provide exciting products and services for global customers and help them prosper. We are ready to join hands with global peers to share the new opportunities in the AIoT era.”

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