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Advanced Packaging & Testing
ESWIN provides semiconductor customers with total solutions comprising rear-end packaging and materials & finished products testing, which can perform the packaging and testing for ICs and system IC sets. Manufacturing base is located in Chengdu.
  • Panel-Level Packaging & Testing

    FOPLP (Fan Out Panel-Level Packaging) business provides customers with cost-effective system integration packaging and testing services. ESWIN integrates mature semiconductor packaging and high-precision large-panel technologies, characterized by Fan Out, high density & high bandwidth SiP (System in Package) and panel-level technology platform, thus improving the integration of semiconductor devices and shrinking the product size and improving performance. The FOPLP platform is applicable to a variety of products, including single chip package, multi-chip package, heterogeneous chip integration and SiP. It is widely used in mobile devices, 5G, IoT, AI, high-speed computing, auto field etc.

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