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IC and Solutions
IC and Solutions focus on mobile devices, smart homes, smart transportation, Industrial IoT and other application scenarios, providing customers with IC and solutions in four categories, i.e. display interaction, smart connectivity, smart computing and multimedia system.
Display Interaction Solutions
Display interaction Solutions provide platforms integrating smart total solutions related to semiconductor display interaction, with technical solutions covering DDIC, Touch IC, TCON IC and PMIC. These solutions are widely applied in mobile displays, laptops, desktop monitors, TVs, commercial displays and various innovative display products.

Covering small to medium-sized and medium to large-sized driver IC. 

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Applied to OLED mobile phones and foldable display products. 

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Providing timing control signals for display driving circuits.

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Providing comprehensive power management solutions for OLED and LCD displays.

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Smart Connectivity Solutions
Smart Connectivity Solutions provide reference designs for wireless communication ICs that integrate software and hardware, delivering world-leading smart connectivity services for our customers. They are widely applied in medical, education, entertainment, health, consumer electronics, industrial control and other application fields.

ESWIN IoT communication IC solutions support a variety of communication technologies, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, etc., presenting customers with high-performance, low-power and highly integrated IoT communication ICs and hardware & software reference designs. These solutions can be widely used in IoT, smart homes, smart buildings, wireless audio, wearable devices, medical monitoring, wireless positioning, industrial control and the like.

Smart Computing Solution
Smart computing solutions adopt the first general parallel computing acceleration chip based on RISC-V with complete independent intellectual property rights in China, providing high-quality computing acceleration solutions for intelligent scenarios.
ESWIN High-Performance
AI Parallel Computing Chip

ESWIN high-performance AI parallel computing chip is the first of its category launched by ESWIN, which adopts 28nm technology process, well balancing performance and cost. The patented heterogeneous computing architecture and thousands of computing units in the chip greatly improve the computing efficiency, with maximum power consumption of only 50W and a much higher unit computing power.

ESWIN AI Parallel
Computing Acceleration Card

ESWIN AI parallel computing acceleration card is an advanced computing accelerator with ESWIN high-performance AI parallel computing chip, well-developed and easy-to-use SDK and MDK toolkit, thus seamlessly supporting Tensorflow, Caffe and other deep learning frameworks and significantly reducing the cost of learning and migration. It can be widely used in training and reasoning.

ESWIN AI Parallel
Computing Acceleration Service

Based on self-developed high-performance chip products, platform and algorithm research capabilities, ESWIN provides complete AI parallel computing acceleration solutions for customers in security, community, industrial manufacturing, Internet industries, etc. assisting customers to meet their requirements much faster and with better cost under intelligent scenarios.

Multimedia System Solutions
Multimedia system Solutions, based on smart TV SoC (System on Chip), provide complete AIoT SoC chipset solutions and AIoT software & hardware ecosystem services.
  • AIoT

    ESWIN re-defines and builds smart TV into a home entertainment, control and computing center, providing customers with exclusive home private clouds, home security solutions, smart home controls, healthy home solutions and other AIoT solutions. The solutions provide various interfaces including WiFi, BT, Zigbee and PCIe, etc., with distant-field speech recognition, gesture recognition, gesture typing and other man-machine interactive modes. Such a seamless connectivity enables customers to enjoy a smart life. 

  • RISC-V Ecology

    Based on the RISC-V instruction set (the fifth generation of streamlined open source instruction set), ESWIN self-develops high-performance multi-core CPU, GPU and APU, building multi-functional TV platforms which integrate AI and smart home interfaces, software development platform, high-end smart connectivity and other AIoT total solutions, providing all-round RISC-V products and services for customers. 

Display Interaction Solutions Smart Connectivity Solutions Smart Computing Solution Multimedia System Solutions
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